Why Outsource?

There are several reasons that it is more beneficial for a business to outsource their recurring billing processes. However, the level of value will differ from one business to another depending on how many clients they are managing and the complexity of their data management. The primary reason to outsource is “compliance” which we believe is the most important reason to outsource the recurring billing process.


Handling Disputes – As the service provider, and the merchant, it is essential to be able to provide documentation regarding the validity of all charges. Some of the key items are:

Some of the key items are:

Do you have a signed authorization and can you produce it?

  • If the answer is “YES”, then you will have reduced your dispute time considerably.
  • If the answer is “NO”, let us help implement a policy that includes a signed authorization.

It is also important that you know when the last time was that the customer used your service? That can be a difficult one unless you have the right software and database management system in place. Even with the right documentation, it can still be a timely process to reverse charge backs. However, by implementing a system that tracks this data, your labor costs involved with gather the documentation can be reduced significantly.

At Crowne One, we can assist you in setting up all of these tracking items in OneLink, or we can manage it for you. Either way, we are here for you as your support arm during any dispute process.

At Crowne One, we perform monthly, quarterly and annual assessments on our own operational procedures to ensure that we are MORE than compliant.