Rejected Payment Recovery

A rejected payment is the same as a bounced check. In addition to payment processing software, Crowne One can also offer you help in recovering the payments that were rejected or declined. This service doesn’t require any extra work or cost on your end, all you need to do is receive the payment. Let us take care your recurring payments, allowing you to pay attention on your business and not waste time trying to collect payments past due.

Declined Payments Collection Services:
Payments can decline for a number of reasons: a closed account, insufficient funds, expired credit card, or fraudulent activity. Recovering these missing payments is awkward and time consuming. Often they just sit there or the account is automatically canceled. Don’t let your business lose money this way. Crowne One can do the collection recovery work for you at no additional charge.

More than an Email:
Our experience is that it takes more than a letter or email to notify customers of a declined payment and what they need to do about it. Phone calls work best because they are harder to miss and the information can be cleared up and the payment run right on the spot. You may not have time or energy to make these calls, but we do.

Effective Recovery:
We can work to recover these missing payments for you. We can send emails, letters, make phone calls, and mark the account as past due. We’ll get the accurate payment information for you so the payment can be rerun and the recurring customer is saved.

You Determine the Process:
These are your customers and we work for you, so you can tell us how you want these rejected payments recovered. You set the rules, we follow them, and you get paid. We’ll also be happy to share our expertise in this arena to help you come up with a good recovery plan that will keep your customers and improve your bottom line.