Reporting & Analytics

In order to generate the right reports, we need to collect the right data. As part of our consultation process we will spend the time needed to really understand your processes and reporting needs. We start out with a questionnaire, and then we do our own research about your industry so that we can craft reporting and analytics in a manner that is usable and easy to understand. At Crowne One we are always personally available to assist you in understanding reports or help problem solve and identify when a different report is needed. All of our reports are downloadable in Excel or other similar applications.

OneLink also has an Admin panel that allows for tiered access. Your staff will have the ability to reference a member’s registration and billing history and quickly and efficiently resolve any dues, subscriptions, or payments issues.

The Admin panel also includes “Scheduled Alerts”. Once we identify what types of alerts your team needs to be reminded of, we will schedule the appropriate actions ie… email notifications mailed, membership cards printed and mailed, renewal postcards mailed, Happy Birthday cards mailed, phone calls etc. This allows your staff to efficiently manage each client as needed on a daily basis.