Recurring Billing Management

In addition to our flexible recurring billing management software, we actually process your payments for you. No need to worry if your software is compatible with your payment processor and no need to coordinate the two. We can offer you less work, less worry, and less hassle when it comes to scheduling and processing your customers’ payments.

Shopping Around:
Looking for and comparing recurring payment processors is hard to do. Credit card percentage processing rates vary so much by type of card that its hard for anyone to tell you an accurate rate. They may tell you a percentage, but it won’t include all the miniscule payment processing and merchant account fees that will go with it. At Crowne One, we can tell you an exact percentage rate with no hidden fees. We think knowing what you’re going to pay ahead of time is better than finding out after the fact.

A Better Option:
Most recurring payment processors will offer you a lower rate if you lock into a long term contract. They may also keep all your credit card data in their system without giving it back so that you can’t take your business elsewhere. This could leave you stuck in a bad relationship with a challenging process to switch. At Crowne One, we won’t bind you into long term contracts with our recurring billing services and with us there are no worries over your data being held hostage if you ever want to leave.

Credits and Refunds:
If you need to credit an amount for an existing charge or refund a member for any reason, our software can process these quickly and easily. It’s all automated and shows up clearly in the memberships’ accounting.