Data Mining Business Intelligence Reports

Crowne One gives you plenty of reports to show you what is working in your company and how you can improve. Our data mining business reports are designed for you to generate competitive intelligence reports. Having good statistical business intelligence reports can help you analyze your business.

Business Intelligence Reports:
Our reports help you analyze your customers and your business. We can provide reports to show Active Members, Accounts Receivable, Membership Types, Expiring Customers, Cancelations, Birthdays, and Customer reports that can include contact information and email addresses. Other Custom Reports are available upon request.
Data Mining:
If you have the data, we can mine it. Want to know how many memberships were signed up by a specific sales rep? Are you wanting to check the success rate of a particular promotion? Do you want to check on how many of your payments were rejected and how many of last months rejected payments were recovered? We can provide you with this valuable information and more.

Searchable Customer List:
If you want to search for a specific customer, we make it easy to find them. Search by first name, last name, member number, or phone number and quickly find the account.