Customer Data Management

How do you track or survey your customers buying and/or usage information? Are you still using a spreadsheet system? With today’s technology and sophisticated data management software solutions, it is easier than ever to both manage your customer database and evaluate their usage habits. In turn, you are giving your business the ability to not just retain customers but increase your customer base.

OneLink is a complex data management recurring billing solution that provides your business with the ability to collect, analyze, organize, generate reports, share information, and set up an “alerts” system so you can consistently stay in touch with your customers. As a result of using OneLink, many of our clients have seen a significant increase in customer retention, satisfaction and their bottom line.

OneLink is a customer data management system that is hosted in the cloud, thereby allowing for up to the second information and accessibility. It allows for multiple company members to simultaneously create new client records, make adjustments and analyze essential business data. Many businesses are migrating to this type of data management because of its cost effectiveness and hierarchical controls that can instantly be turned on or off.

From an upper management perspective, a customer data management system like OneLink becomes an excellent tool when evaluating marketing efforts, implementing marketing efforts, researching purchasing trends, implementing a recurring billing function, emailing surveys, reports and promotions, as well as managing the customer relationship via customer feedback forms.

Data Management isn’t a new concept by any stretch. Cloud based data management is just a much simpler and more efficient process than paper-based customer surveys and spreadsheet data.

Entrepreneur’s Module Example – One of our software modules allows for a business to offer a subscription program for a local car wash. The subscribers contact, billing and vehicle information are stored securely in our OneLink management software. Each subscriber receives a membership card directly from our corporate office (this is an optional service) which is then scanned every time the subscriber visits the car wash. With this particular client, Crowne One provides complete Treasury Management services.

These services include:

  • Credit card processing
  • Customer service support
  • Customer relationship management
  • Membership card creation and distribution
  • Monthly financial reporting and analysis

For this client our reporting is designed to identify:

  • Number of clients that are having their car washed on a monthly basis
  • Number of times each subscriber is washing their car monthly
  • Number of months that a subscriber usually maintains the service

Marketing services that include postcard and email campaigns to increase subscriber retention and my favorite is a report that actually identifies how many cars the car wash services, based on the vehicle price range and frequency of washes. This in turn allows the “Entrepreneur” to develop and implement marketing strategies specifically to engage and maintain that client base.

As a business owner, it is essential that this type of data is not just collected but analyzed. For this particular client, we are collecting the data so that we can determine which customers are not utilizing their car wash membership. We know that if the clients stops using the service, it is just a short matter of time before they will be cancelling it. We also collect this data, because we can analyze at which times of year customers cancel their subscription.

Usually we see a decline in severe winter months, however by utilizing our marketing services the car wash client is able to reconnect with previous customers in the Spring and offer an incentive to re-start services. At Crowne One, our marketing services division is available to strategize and implement campaigns based on car wash location and clientele.